OMD! Mommy's Gonna Sing!

OMD! Mommy's gonna sing at a really bery big charity event for Rupert's Kids! Wowie wow...I's wish I could go! I can't cause I's a dog. But all my people friends could go an tell me all bout it!

Mommy says...

I'm looking for a guitarist, keyboardist, fiddler and drummer to accompany and sing with me at a large charity event in Indiana. Music style Country/Rock/Soul and some Gospel. If you know of anyone or are yourself a musical artist please private message me.

If any of you are familiar with the show Survivor, you may know of Rupert who was on the show a few seasons. The event is in support of his amazing Charity, Rupert's Kids, on November 22, 2014. It will be a lot of fun! Early Birds only pay $125.00 per couple until 10/22/14. Please join us for a great cause and wonderful night!

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