Dollars For Dozer

Our cousin Dozer is a sweet, gentle Pit Bull Terrier and is a poster child for all the wonderful attributes of his breed. He just had his first birthday, but will have to wait a while for his celebration because Dozer has Parvovirus. We don't know how this could happen to a young, healthy, vaccinated dog...but it did. Dozers mommy and daddy are devastated. They thought they had done everthing right. Dozers mommy and daddy don’t have the funds available to pay for his treatment an do not qualify for care credit or other means of financing, because they have not yet had an opportunity to establish a credit history. They are young an just starting out in life. The alternative is the E word, which is unwritable, because the vet says he should be able to get Dozer through this. I want to help save Dozer for his mommy, my hu-cousin Kelsey, and I need help to do it. She is so heartbroken and frustrated that nobody will approve them for financing yet and give them a chance to stand on their own 2 feet. My hu-cousin works full time, is going to college to be a teacher an takes care of a whole house an her lil love Dozer an a lil stepson. All this annnn… she is only 20 years old! She adores Dozer an is sick with worry. Please donate just a few dollars for Dozer. He's a good boy.