A Peek Behind the Curtain: The Link between Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

Have you ever wondered where those cute puppies in the pet stores come from? You'll hear one story from the Pet Store clerks and another story in this video. The difference is that in this video you won't just hear the truth, you'll also see the truth. This is a fascinating video, escorting you through the gates and taking you right into the hub of a puppy mill. You will see up close what really goes on and what the millers think about your beloved family pets. This video is proof there really is a link between Pet Stores and Puppy Mills...the parents of those cute puppies at your local Pet Store. This one video will open your eyes to the suffering resulting from this link between supply and supplier. Please, Please adopt...don't shop. When there are no more customers interested in buying puppies from their local pet stores, the pet stores will be forced out of business and Puppy Mills will have their largest source of income gone. When legislation is passed prohibitig the sale of puppies on the internet, the Puppy Mills will lose another large chunk of money. So how WILL they sell puppies? Puppy Mill owners don't like to give out their address, because they don't want people to see their operations...hmmm. But that will be the only way left so they will have a hard time selling their "stock" to the public. They can always raise a few specific breeds to sell to the testing labs, that is until animal testing is done. A lot of good people are working, as you read this, to effect change. They are working with local and national representatives to enact legislation which prohibits pet stores from selling puppies and kittens in their stores and promote shelter adoption instead. These same representatives are working with organizations to change the laws regarding animal testing. These activities are going on right now and we can help. Education and Awareness are key to ending this cycle. We CAN effect this change in our lifetime.