Boagie's Personal Interests and Activities

Boagie is a busy little dog, with various enterprises going on at the same time. He is ever the entrepreneur, trying this scheme and that. If one scheme fails, he's sure to have another idea bubbling! Boagie loves Snuggling, Tug of War, Blitzing, Playing Keep Away, Snuggling, Chasing Bunnies, Digging for Bunnies, Spying on Squirrels, Sleeping, Going for long walks, Snuggling, Meeting new Friends, Bugging his brother BooBoo, Cookies, Carrots, Scrambly Eggs and Eating anything else he can find. Did I mention snuggling? Boagie is a secret agent in Schnitzel the Wonder Wiener's Sekret Agent Skwad. It's a job he takes most seriously. He is known as the White Chameleon, for his mastery of disguise. He also has karate skilz and a nose for ferreting out the truth. You can read about Boagie's spy adventures in his column Boagie's "Under Cover Tails"!

Boagie is also a Food Critic. He and his brother, BooBoo, taste test a variety of different foods and report their findings. Look for "Boagie's Bonepile" to find his latest critique!

Boagie's latest enterprise is "Earning Monies while You Sleep".