Welcome to Boagie's Backyard

Boagie's Backyard is an entertaining website which promotes Animal Welfare, through humor, education and fund raising.

Boagie is a Fun-loving little 6 year old Poochon who had a rough start in life. He overcame many obstacles & now wants to make a difference, one paw at a time. Boagie has many wonderful friends on Facebook, You Tube, Pet Friends, Instagram Twitter & other online sites who share his dreams. His friends come from many backgrounds & he loves them all. Dogs & cats of all breeds, birds, horses, turtles, rats...yes even rats, as well as children of all ages have an advocate in Boagie, but he is most outspoken when it comes to rescuing lost, stray, abused, neglected & caged animals. Read more about Boagie here.