This is my page of memories.

I have lots of pikshurs and notes beside each of them. 

Unexpected Friends


Meet Frankie, Morty & Bucky! They came by my backyard today on accident, when they got lost on they's way to the South Pole. I found em in my pond. They's really nice fellas once you get to know em. Frankie said they was hungry so I's gave em some goldfish crackers. Morty's the oldest so he ate more than Frankie & Bucky. He says that's how they do it in their family. We's talked bout the weather & the middle east & music & movies (they loved "Madagascar"). We talked some more & played a game of tag. They's real fun guys.  I's gave em directions to the airport so they's take the right plane home this time. *sigh* I's gonna miss em.

From Boagie
with Love 

Me an BooBoo did some bakin one night...we made peanut butter an cranberry cookies for all our friends (exceptin kitty friends...for thems we made fish cookies). Then I received some requests for mommy's recipe. So we posted the recipe for all our friends, so they can make them anytime they want. Yum! can use any shape cookie cutter, even ninjabread men cookie cutters! We still give them to our friends as gifts from time to time. Recipe here...

Dog Euphoria
Prom 2014 

I escorted Miss Bean to the 2014 Dog Euphoria Prom.  We double dated with our friends, Pita an Miss Fifiraisin. Both ladies were lovely. My date, Miss Bean, looked beautyful in her fuscia pink gown an corsage. We talked an laughed, then ate all kinds of wonnerful food an we danced all night! We got to ride in this Hummer limousine, too. It was awesome! The best part of the whole evening was when Miss Bean won the honor of Prom Queen! It was a magical night.

Update on Frankie,
Morty and Bucky


Frankie, Morty an Bucky stopped at Miss Lolita Lord's house on they's way south. She made them feel welcome an helped get thems home safe. Theys just sent Miss Lolita a postal kard with a pikshur of they's family! They's sure do look happy! Miss Lolita shared they's postal kard with me. Miss Lolita writes, "Boagie, meez got a postal kard frum hour furrends, dey maid it bak home tu dey fambly. Thot youz wood wike tu no, Dey sed tankie youz, Boagie fur gibbin dem a pwace tu west own dey jerney! Lubs, Lolita." Thank yous Miss Lolita for that wonnerful newz!