Boagie is a mischievous, fun-loving little Poochon who had a rough start in life. He overcame many obstacles & now wants to make a difference, one paw at a time.

Boagie has many wonderful friends on Facebook, You Tube, Pet Friends, Instagram, Twitter & other online sites who share his dreams. His friends come from many backgrounds & all corners of the world, and he loves them all. Dogs & cats of all breeds, birds, horses, turtles, bearded dragons, rats...yes even rats, as well as children of all ages have an advocate in Boagie, but he is most outspoken when it comes to rescuing lost, stray, abused, neglected & captive animals.

Boagie has dreams like any other little dog. He would like to be a Therapy Dog someday. He wants to stomp out animal testing! No animals should live in cages their entire lives & never see the sun or feel the grass, nor endure life threatening tests. Boagie wants to put an end to Kill Shelters & ban retail animal sales in Pet Stores. Boagie's biggest passion is closing Puppy Mills forever! Boagie's Backyard was created & exists so that he may put one paw forward in front of the other ones & reach for his dreams. But too much work & not enough play make for a sad day. So Boagie & his brother BooBoo always make time to have fun & infuse a little humor into Boagie's Backyard, in the hopes of bringing a smile to someone's face. Boagie & his friends rally together whenever there is a cause in need of their help, whether it be donating "monies", sharing posts, sending surprises, stomping out meanies or saying a prayer. How wonderful it would be if we humans followed their example more often in our own lives.


On this website you will find a blog of Boagie's thoughts & interests, as well as articles, videos & current events. You will find stories of Boagie's adventures & special Opinion columns with Boagies unique spin. You will also find his stores, Boagie's Backyard Boutique and Boagie's Backyard Emporium, with fun items designed by Boagie. When you buy his products you are also donating to a good cause. 100% of the profits go to animal charities such as shelters, rescue efforts & medical care. If you prefer, you may submit a tax exempt donation directly to Boagie's Backyard, via the "Donate" button below & on all pages of the site.


You will always know where your money is going as we keep you updated about our charity projects in our monthly newsletter. You will find a subscription box on the home page. We hope you enjoy the website & we welcome your comments or suggestions! Fill out the contact form below with your suggestion or comment & we will respond.

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High in the Sky!
Songbirds are always singing in Boagie's Backyard!